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For roller manufacturer HAMM AG, we have designed innovative high-speed spiral doors. In their Tirschenreuther plant, the interlinked door systems clear the way for assembly halls, production facilities and a logistics centre. A total of 40 doors were manufactured and installed.


Unimpeded material flow: 40 high-speed spiral doors ensure trouble-free operation in the Tirschenreuther roller manufacturer, HAMM AG.


It is essential for manufacturing companies to have unhindered flow of material and goods, as every vulnerability in intralogistics can potentially result in enormous unnecessary downtime and costs. A smooth and seamless flow of traffic between transport and storage areas, in, around and between the different halls is vital.

The use of unreliable, fault-prone doors in such highly frequented locations can have far-reaching consequences: ‘If we had a door failure, the entire logistical chain would have to be rescheduled. In the worst-case scenario this would lead to a loss of production,’ says Michael Wegener, Head of Maintenance, Construction Planning and Construction Management at Tirschenreuther roller manufacturer HAMM AG. The company, which is part of the WIRTGEN GROUP, sells its products globally, with over 55 of its own sales and service companies and more than 150 authorised dealers. Today, every fifth roller in the world is produced in Tirschenreuth. ‘Our production schedule is based on that of automobile industry, the ‘just- in- time’ manufacturing methodology.’  


State-of-the-art roller manufacturing

€130 million has been invested in the factory over the past 15 years, which produces single-drum compactors, tandem rollers and rubber-wheeled rollers. In addition, new and more economical technologies have been introduced time and again.

There is also a state-of-the-art permanent test facility on the 400,000 square meter site. Unmanned and GPS-monitored, prototypes and pilot series complete a work program over several weeks, which is geared towards detecting deficiencies prior to series production.

Ten percent of the employees in the Tirschenreuther plant work in the field of research and development. Here, at EFAFLEX the percentage of employees in this area of ​​responsibility is in the double-digit percentage range too. The result is technically sophisticated, energy-efficient doors that can be tailored to meet the needs of customers. The best proof is provided by the high-speed door systems (15 x EFA-SST, 12 x EFA-SST, 11 x EFA-STT, 1 x EFA-STT and 1 x EFA-STR), which we installed at the Tirschenreuther Walzenwerk. In recent years, we have installed a total of 40 innovative doors in the high-traffic areas of the building in order to contribute to a smooth flow of materials.


EFA-SST®: Robust, durable, and insulated

In order for this project to succeed, our engineers have completely re-designed the high-speed spiral doors such as the EFA-SST® for the project. Among others, we improved the physical properties and optimized the functionality. In addition, the new industrial door leaf is exceptionally robust, durable as well as heat and sound insulating with thermally separated EFA-THERM® insulation laths offered as standard for the EFA-SST®.

Depending on the size of the door and the number of slats, the doors can achieve excellent U-values. Thanks to this feature, a constant and comfortable working temperature can be achieved for the employees. Depending on the amount of light required and the location of the door, EFAFLEX customers can determine the number of EFA-CLEAR® slats they would like to incorporate in order for daylight to flow through the transparent laths.


Individual paint job

There is the option of visually individualizing the high-speed doors: in addition to the standard RAL 9002 white aluminum coating, the slats and the steel parts of the door can be painted in almost any RAL to colour match any facade. Incidentally, HAMM AG decided to paint match to their corporate colour RAL 2004 (pure orange).

The doors are delivered in standard sizes up to 10,000 mm wide and 12,000 mm high.


TÜV tested door light grid

The microprocessor control and the integrated frequency converter are located in a separate plastic control cabinet (protection class IP 65). The connection to the mains supply is possible for 230 V / 50 - 60 Hz (for large door systems and also for 400 V). The scope of supply includes a TÜV certified door light grid (EFA-TLG®), which acts exactly in the door closing level. The security system is fully integrated in the side frames and produces a dense light grid of infrared rays up to a height of 2.5 m. Obstacles are detected without contact, so that the automatic closing movement is stopped immediately.

Due to the variety of combinations available, the EFA-SST® door offers the perfect solution for almost any area within the logistics industry.

‘We know that we can rely on these doors,’ says Michael Wegener. ‘I also have the feeling that we are an important customer at EFAFLEX. Whether it's the sales team, the quality of the doors or the customer care, I can award five out of five-star rating everywhere.’



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